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We distribute the best tone in scandinavia!

We just love great tone.
Thats why we are agent/distributer & dealer in scandinavia
of some of the greatest guitar effects and amps in the world.
Send us an email and we will help you out !

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Exclusive distributer in Scandinavia

Emerson Custom Guitars offers handmade, boutique pedals with with superior quality. Emerson are all handmade and designed in The USA.

Distributer in Scandinavia

Best reverb, delay and modulation effects for guitar in the world!

Exclusive distributer in Scandinavia

Rockbox Electronics custom effects are handmade, handpainted, 

boutique pedals with with pure rock´n roll love. 


Rockbox Custom effects are all handmade and designed by the legendary Chris Campbell & are known as the greatest overdrive / boost / distorsion pedals on the planet! 


Each pedal is also totally uniquely painted. No two are alike!

Exclusive distributer in Sweden

Gurus Amps was born in 2012 by Chicco Bellini and Guglielmo Cicognani as a new brand with a clear target: to spread to the world what Italien products are made of:

Quality, Innovation, Design. 


Gurus Cicognani Boutique Series is top of the line!


The award winning Echosex 2° is the flagships, and have brought back the Italian name in the musical industry. 

Blood, Sweat, and tubes.

Distributer in Scandinavia

Neunaber Audio Effects designs and manufactures effects pedals for the discerning musician. The Wet stereo/Mono reverb is one of the best reverbs out there!


Neunaber are all handmade and designed in The USA

Exclusive distributer in Scandinavia

The best cable´s in the world. End of story!!


Both patchcables for pedals and effects and also instrument cables.

Exclusive distributer in Scandinavia

Albion Amps is high quality custom made boutique amp with pure tuby rock´n roll love, but to a price you never would excpect.


Steve Grindrod has put his heart and soul to create the greatest tube-amps ever (and he his a living legend in the world of designing amps.) Steve is the the creator and designer of Marshall Amps (and former chief designerof VOX) & have now started his own brand 

Distributer in Sweden

Earthquaker Devics offers handmade, boutique pedals with with superior quality. 


All handmade and designed in The USA."Welcome to EarthQuaker Devices, quite possibly the best pedal company in Akron, OH"

Distributer in Sweden

JHS Pedals is hand-made effects by Josh Scott. JHS Pedals has evolved into a world recognized boutique effects pedal company & offers one of the broadest lines of effects on the market today. 

In the age of machine made and mass assembled guitar effects, JHS values our commitment to hand-building every unit by real people in Kansas City, Missouri.


If you want a high quality pedal that is original and innovative, then look no further.

Distributer in Scandinavia

T-Rex makes classic and signature effects for the worlds best muscians. Danish quality!


Hi-Tech innovation with old-world craftmanship - always in the service of great sound.



Distributer in Scandinavia

Since 2001, Eastwood®/Airline® has been creating some of the most exciting Electric Guitars the world has ever seen.


The RADICAL VINTAGE REMAKE series feature a variety of models based on popular sixties designs - from the classic Mosrites to the top-selling AIRLINE® - they capture the excitement and style of the originals.


Super guitars to & price you wouldn´t expect!

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